Why Alabama vs. Oregon is a matchup that MUST happen

Over the course of college football's history, there have been exciting matchups that have actually never happened in the gridiron, with some of the most infamous examples being Notre Dame vs. Auburn or maybe Texas vs. Florida State, however, none of them have the legacy that this matchup that was begged by many people during the end of the BCS era (as well as the beginning of the College Football Playoff era) has, and, in case you're wondering, I'm refering to Alabama vs. Oregon.

The hypothetical matchup between the Crimson Tide and the Ducks may have been actually recently thought of by college football fans, especially since Oregon's success is very recent when compared to actual blue-bloods like Ohio State. Notre Dame and of course, Alabama, but if you are a newbie fan in college football that didn't get to experience the last years of the Bowl Championship Series, you have no idea how much this matchup was requested by a lot of people, in fact, multiple people (jokingly) wanted Oregon to replace Notre Dame during the halftime of the 2013 BCS National Championship, mostly due to the Irish's poor performance through the game.

This matchup actually had the chance of happening multiple times last decade (and, depending on your view, various recent seasons), with two notable instances being the Sugar Bowl committee considering taking the Ducks to New Orleans back in the 2013-14 season to play against Alabama, until, for unknown reasons, the Oklahoma Sooners were taken instead, and Tide fans would prefer to forget that game.

The other occasion was in the very first year of the College Football Playoff, where the Ducks won the Rose Bowl against Florida State and advanced to the national championship, where they would have played either Alabama or Ohio State, the Buckeyes ended up victorious in the end and later won the first ever national championship at the FBS level decided by a bracket.

This ridiculous non-existent history between Oregon and Alabama is also marked by the "We Want Bama!" chant, which was believed to be created by Oregon alums during the 2013 season in hopes of playing the Tide in the national championship, until two losses late in the season left the request in the dust, albeit it was adopted by many other CFB fanbases.

Ties between the teams also exist, as Oregon's most recent coaches, Mario Cristobal and Dan Lanning, actually coached alongside the legendary Nick Saban at some point in their lives, plus, Greg Byrne, Alabama's current athletic director, worked at the University of Oregon between 1995 and 1998 (at least according to Alabama's website).

It's not just a matter of ties and history, as simply seeing two programs play each other during non-conference play or bowl season would be exciting for the fanbases of both teams (and probably the entirety of the NCAA fanbase), and I'm sure that Alabama and Oregon fans would love to see both teams getting a shot against each other, if we want to get sure of this matchup happening someday, our best chance would be at the programs scheduling a home and home series at some point (kickoff games just aren't worth it anymore), and, investigating further, the best possible dates for a Ducks-Crimson Tide home and home series would be in 2035-36 (or maybe just dates beyond after that), as Alabama's non-conference Power 5 schedules are full until those dates, unless the Tide is willing to play 3 non-conference games against different P5 schools.

The Oregon Ducks and Crimson Tide remain as two of the most popular teams in the NCAA and seeing them play against each other at least once would be a feast to various CFB fans, even if the Ducks haven't been as consistent as they were during the early 2010's, but, wouldn't it hurt to be able to watch a first-time non-conference matchup?

Greg Byrne and Rob Mullens, please take notes!

Alabama vs. Oregon

One of the most surprising matchups that has never happened, yet.

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